• ACN’s 4G network coverage is now bigger than ever!

ACN’s 4G network coverage is now bigger than ever!

ACN’s mobile network partner, Optus, has reached a new milestone with the 4G Plus network, now reaching 86% of the Australian population.

Whether it’s to browse the Internet, upload their latest pic to Instagram or download their favourite song from iTunes, ACN mobile customers can enjoy using data on their phones at super fast speeds, in more places than ever before. 4G is now available in all capital cities, and hundreds of metro, regional and holiday towns.

So just how much bigger is the Optus 4G Plus network? Here are some stats:

  • 4G now reaches 30% more of the Australian population compared to one year ago
  • 4G is now live on over 3,380 mobile sites – that’s nearly double the number of sites compared to one year ago
  • Over 340 regional and holiday towns now have a taste of the 4G Plus network, with many more to come
  • In March and April alone, over 500 mobile sites were upgraded to 4G for the first time – that’s an average of 8 sites upgraded per day!
To learn more about the 4G Plus network and coverage, visit at acnpacific.com/nbn-rollout-coverage.
June 9th, 2015|