nbn™: What’s the difference between Fibre & Fixed Wireless technologies?

nbn™ is using multiple technologies to deliver faster broadband to Australian homes and businesses as the rollout continues. Two of these technologies are Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP), and Fixed Wireless.

FTTP reaches customers via fibre-optic cables laid either in the ground or through overhead lines. Customers within the FTTP footprint can receive speeds of up to 100/40 Mbps*.

Fixed Wireless technology is engineered to deliver services to a fixed number of premises within each coverage area using a Fixed Wireless base station and an outdoor antenna connected to the roof of the customer premises. Customers within the Fixed Wireless footprint can receive speeds of up to 25/5 Mbps*.

The Fixed Wireless and Fibre footprints do not overlap, which means each home can only receive one type of technology. So all your customer has to do is decide on what speed and data allowance they want with ACN.

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*Speeds achieved may vary.

June 26th, 2015|