Click Energy Sales and Service Phone Support

We would like to remind all our IBOs that Click Energy’s Sales and Service Phone Support hotlines should be used only when you or your prospective customer are unable to obtain a quote online.

Please also remember that Click Energy cannot divulge customer information to anyone who is not authorised to access the customer’s Click account, IBO or otherwise. Customer information includes questions regarding when a customer is scheduled to transfer to Click, reasons why a customer’s meter or meters have not yet switched to Click, and reasons why an account has been closed.

Also, please remember that Click Energy operators are not specialists when it comes to ACN Customer Points and commissionable revenue. Points and commissionable revenue for Click Energy are:


Customer Points Monthly Commissionable Revenue

Click Energy – Electricity

1 50% of $60 is commissionable at standard rates
Click Energy – Gas 1

50% of $40 is commissionable at standard rates


This information is available in the Click Energy IBO Training Pack (available on IBO Back Office), as well as the AU Compensation Plan.

October 16th, 2015|