Important update on ACN’s relationship with Donald Trump

ACN had a respected business relationship with Donald Trump. His business acumen was admired by our tens of thousands of IBOs worldwide. After Mr Trump made the decision to pursue presidential candidacy, it became clear this would require 100% of his commitment, and he would no longer be able to speak on behalf of ACN. Therefore, ACN came to a mutual agreement with Mr Trump that our business relationship would need to come to an end.

Based on this change in our relationship, IBOs should not reference Mr Trump’s name when speaking about ACN. Additionally, IBOs should immediately discontinue use of any photos of Mr Trump, including but not limited to those posted on social media and websites.

Again, Mr Trump had a business relationship with ACN, and as is the case with any vendor, company or individual we may have a business relationship with, their views are not necessarily reflective of ACN’s views or those of the Co-Founders.

December 23rd, 2015|