The Vodafone Credit Reassessment form is back

Based on IBO feedback given to Vodafone at the Adelaide International, Vodafone has agreed to relaunch our credit reassessment process. This is fantastic news as it will help to get more customers across the line which means more points and residual commissions for you and your teams.

The form is already live in Pacific Compass and the new process will primarily use a customer’s existing post-paid phone bill with Vodafone or another provider, to assist in getting an initial credit decline over the line. If we don’t have this information we will be unable to escalate the decline for further review. We’ll also no longer require ID and other documents to be supplied.

The new process will also attempt to ask a number of questions to help pre-assess the application before it reaches Vodafone and provide advice to IBO’s (for example where they have the maximum number of services on their account already under a single person’s name).

We’ve also included an option for IBO’s to pass through details for the rare instances where a customer may be declined via ACN but have subsequently been approved via another channel. Providing this information will allow us to better have these sales allocated back to us. This only occurs in very rare scenarios, and often as a result of incorrect back office credit team intervention.

Please note that requests to re-asses a conditional approval outcome (for example where a customer is only approved for a lower value handset instead of a top of the line flagship) won’t be successful.

Expected response times from Vodafone are 3-7 business days.

April 26th, 2018|