From today onwards, you have two new 2degrees plans to share with your customers – and we are super excited about them. We’ve been working with 2degrees to ensure you have the best value plans for your customers and they’ve totally delivered. Check them out:

What are the new plans?

  1. $85 Unlimited Plan
  2. $25 Unlimited Pool Plan

The $85 Unlimited Plan:

  • Includes unlimited calls and texts to NZ and AUS
  • is NZ’s first unlimited data plan with tethering and hot-spotting enabled
  • Means that your customers can use their data how they want it, when they want it
  • 2degrees Unlimited Data plans include a HUGE 40GB of Max Speed Data compared to only 22GB Max Speed Data on Vodafone’s and Spark’s unlimited plans – a big advantage for our customers!
  • View the Competitor comparison table

Pay Monthly Unlimited Pool Plan for $25 per month:

  • The more a customer shares, the cheaper it gets!
  • It’s NZ’s best value, shareable Unlimited data plan with 4 people paying just $40 per person (1 Leader + 3 Pool members).
  • Unlike the standard Carryover Pool Plan, this new Unlimited Pool Plan provides each member their own ‘Unlimited NZ Data’ allocation of 40GB max speed each; not sharing from a main pool of data like the Pool Plan on the $55 or $70 Carryover Pay Monthly plan.

When can you start placing orders?

Now! Take a look at our new Product Tip Sheet that takes you through the ways your customers can place their orders. Click here.

How will you be compensated?

You can earn up to an amazing 3 Customer Points this April with the $85 Unlimited Plan plus residual income. Please check the NZ Compensation Plan for details.

NZ NZ Compensation Plan
NZ ACN Product Training PPT


Please download the latest Product Training slides.

To learn more about these great new plans, head to Pacific Compass and check out the new assets available to help get you ready to start speaking to your customers. You will find FAQs on these new Unlimited Plans, customer flyer, social and email templates plus a competitor comparison matrix.



That’s not all that is new today….

We have refreshed the 2degrees Mobile and Broadband pages of your Personal IBO Website to introduce a cleaner, more succinct look. Check it out today.

April 15th, 2019|