Capturing Explicit Informed Consent Online (EIC)

We are continuing to shine a light on EIC and this week we are sharing the 2 ways Click Energy captures EIC, from customers:

  1. Online sign-up via the ACN-dedicated Click Energy portal, and
  2. Telephone sign-up via the ACN-dedicated Click Energy hotline.

Let’s review a case study of how EIC is captured by Click Energy during online sign-up.

  1. You send a prospective customer within your warm network a link to your Personal IBO Website
  2. The customer reviews the information on the Click Energy portal in their own home.
  3. The customer decides to proceed through the online sign-up journey and ticks the appropriate EIC boxes to submit their order.

It’s as simple as that for the customer to sign-up.

Remember: Only a customer can provide EIC. Under no circumstances is an IBO permitted to provide EIC on their behalf.

Still confused about EIC? Click here to read our explainer.

April 18th, 2019|