New Click Energy Accreditation

Today, ACN launched new Energy Accreditation requirements that you need to be aware of when selling energy services in Australia.

The changes are:

  1. A new timeframe for renewing your Energy Accreditation – every six months instead of annually.
  2. New Accreditation including refreshed content and a new quiz to meet industry requirements and to ensure you are better equipped to sell the service and manage your customer’s experience. The new modules provide you with better training and guidance for submitting your customers’ Click Energy orders.

ACN and Click Energy want to make sure that when you approach customers, you follow the correct conduct to ensure you meet contractual, ethical and regulatory requirements. All Independent Business Owners must be aware of their responsibilities in dealing with customers to ensure the best possible experience from the first interaction right through to the online sign up journey. This includes providing customers with the correct information and processes to ensure orders for energy services are submitted correctly.

We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to promote the ACN Click Energy services, so we encourage you to complete the Energy Accreditation training by 8 May 2019. Even if you have recently completed the Energy Accreditation, you will need to sit and successfully complete the new Accreditation training by 8 May 2019 otherwise the ability to refer customers via your Personal IBO Website will be blocked.

The ACN Click Energy services are a great way for you, as an IBO, to build your customer points and provide your warm market with a range of plans from an Award-winning company. Don’t delay – complete the new Energy Accreditation training as soon as possible so you can continue to refer your customers.

Begin Your New Accreditation

April 8th, 2019|