Capturing Explicit Informed Consent on phone sign-up

As mentioned last week, there are 2 ways Click Energy captures Explicit Informed Consent, or EIC, from customers:

  1. Online sign-up via the ACN-dedicated Click Energy portal, and
  2. Telephone sign-up via the ACN-dedicated Click Energy hotline.

There are 4 important things to know about capturing EIC over the phone:

  1. Only the customer can provide their Explicit Informed Consent.
  2. Only the customer can complete the sign-up process, whether that’s online or via the web.
  3. Even if a customer does consent to signing up a service, you cannot complete the sign-up process for them.
  4. In the event that the customer has additional questions, they must call the ACN-dedicated Click Energy team (1300 567 236) – who will capture the customer’s EIC.

Still confused about EIC? 

May 2nd, 2019|