Launch of Vodafone nbn™ and Cease Sale of Services in Australia

As of 1 May, 2019 ACN Pacific is excited to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with Vodafone to offer nbn™.  This decision has a multitude of benefits for you and your customers:

  1. Vodafone nbn™ is well regarded in the Industry and their nbn™ service is superior to what we ACN was offering
  2. Their 4G back up modem means that your customers in 4G coverage areas can use their service as soon as the device arrives without having to wait for the nbn technician (this is also an awesome option for when there are issues with the nbn in their area)
  3. Vodafone offers some great plans at competitive price points and data allowances
  4. Your customers will have access to entertainment options such as Vodafone TV
  5. Vodafone’s bundle and save program means your customers can save money by packaging mobile, mobile broadband and nbn broadband services together – meaning more potential for points and commissionable revenue
  6. We can now also offer a Small business nbn service (if your customer signs up personally or as a sole trader)

The process for referring your customers to Vodafone nbn™ is as easy as it is currently for Vodafone Mobile and Mobile Broadband. After discussing your customer’s nbn requirements (and any other Vodafone services they need to capitalise on the bundle and save discounts), you can then refer them to your Personal IBO Website, where they can choose nbn from the Residential menu. From there, they will be directed to the new ACN Vodafone nbn microsite (similar to the ACN Vodafone mobile page).

To sell Vodafone nbn™, Independent Business Owners must be Vodafone accredited although there is no need to re-sit the Accreditation unless you are up for renewal.

Additionally as of 1 May 2019, we will no longer be offering ACN nbn™ Broadband, ADSL and Phone services to new customers (although we will continue to offer MyNetFone Cloud Phone services for Small Business).  This decision was based on our audit of the Broadband market, the current sales demand for these services, future industry potential and our ability to deliver the best experience to our customers and IBOs.

Existing customers will be supported for the foreseeable future and we will:

  • Provision any new orders that are in the pipeline and ensure IBOs are compensated on these orders based on the compensation plan under when the order was accepted
  • Ensure your customers can still contact our Customer Support and Technical Support teams for assistance
  • Ensure ACN MyAccount portal to reflect the changes
  • Continue to contribute to Foodbank every time an existing customer pays their bill. Obviously the overall contribution to Foodbank will decrease over time so we are exploring other ways that we can support them in the long-term.

Any Personal Customer Points and Residual earned from these customers will be 100% protected.

Please note, we will discontinue the opportunity to earn Strive for 10 for Broadband. However, for Independent Business Owners who are maintaining 10 Broadband services, they will continue to receive their ACN Broadband service monthly plan fee – for free.

Find out more here: Key announcement training pack Vodafone nbn™ and ACN Services cease-sell

May 1st, 2019|