ADT Security’s offers have had a makeover! As of Monday, 22 February, the ADT product range has expanded to include four residential offers and two small business (SME) offers:

Residential offers:
  • Wireless Alarm System – Residential
  • ADT Interactive Alarm System
  • ADT Interactive Alarm System + Internal Camera
  • ADT Interactive Alarm System + External Camera

Small business (SME) offers:

  • Wireless Alarm System – SME
  • ADT CCTV Hire

The new small business offers give IBOs a great opportunity to sell in Security to a different and very receptive audience. The expansion of the residential range gives customers the additional choice of taking an interactive alarm system (home automation) with either an internal or external camera.

These offers have replaced all previous ADT offers, so make sure you check out the new product range now!

To help you promote this great opportunity, we have updated all ADT Security training documentation on the IBO Site: