Changes in the Energy space

//Changes in the Energy space

Changes in the Energy space

ACN is moving to an exclusive energy agreement with Click Energy. This is a great move for everyone – you, your customers and ACN. We’ve chosen to consolidate our two energy offerings into one and we’d like to share our reasoning behind this.
  • By having two partners, we were always splitting our energies between the two and not really leveraging the best deal.
  • Looking at our orders, we are splitting them across the two companies so by only working with one, we become more significant with our order quantity.
  • In the current climate, where energy bills are so expensive, we believe that working with one partner will allow us to achieve better prices and plans, which ultimately helps you and your customers.

As an incentive, to promote Click Energy, we will be applying a bonus customer point each time you sell a Click Energy service in August. This will be backdated from 1 August. This means you will receive:

  • 2 customer points for Residential Electricity (instead of 1)
  • 2 customer points for Residential Gas (instead of 1)
  • 3 customer points for Business Electricity (instead of 2)
  • 2 customer points for Business Gas (instead of 1)

In addition to this, you can boost your earnings with the following bonus payments:

  • For 4 or more new Click Energy customers, you will receive $100
  • For 10 or more new Click Energy customers, you will receive $250
  • For 20 or more new Click Energy customers, you will receive $500

We will calculate bonuses in the third week of September and payments will be made the following week.

It’s important to note, you cannot cancel any of your existing EnergyAustalia customers to switch them over to achieve the bonus point and payments. We will only be applying the bonus for new to ACN customers. We’d also like to remind you about your compliance requirements and responsibilities, and this means ensuring that your customer completes the sign up process themselves.

From an operational perspective, nothing will change today and you can continue selling EnergyAustralia. We are working with EnergyAustralia on a transition strategy and will provide more information as the discussions progress.

If you are an EnergyAustralia customer or have EnergyAustralia customers, don’t worry. After this time, you will still receive points and compensation for the duration of the customer’s contract term.

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