Click Energy Compliance Case Study 3

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 3

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 3

A customer has asked you to fill out the application on their behalf and you don’t know what to do…

Don’t worry, we’ve developed real-life examples to help you and your teams understand how to be compliant while continuing to put your customers first. Let’s have a look at Thomas’s situation:

Thomas is a recently promoted ETL and is the treasurer of the local under 12s soccer team. Matthew, the father of another player on the team, mentions to Thomas that his energy bills are rising as the temperature drops.

Thomas mentions Click Energy’s simple low rates and emails Matthew a link to his Personal IBO Website.

The next day, Thomas follows up with a phone call to Matthew to see if he is still interested in switching to Click Energy. Matthew is ready to switch but is driving when he takes the call. Matthew asks Thomas to complete the signup for him.

Thomas fills out the application on Matthew’s behalf and uses Matthew’s mobile number to obtain the 2-factor authentication code to complete the signup.

Click Energy contacts Matthew to welcome him on board as a new Click Energy customer. During the call, they note that Matthew did not complete his own application, and therefore did not provide his explicit informed consent (EIC). Furthermore, Thomas has used Matthew’s 2-factor authentication code to process the signup.

Thomas receives an email from ACN notifying him that his IBO position has been terminated due to fraudulent signup of an energy customer.

What should Thomas have done in this situation?

Thomas should have told Matthew that he cannot perform the signup on his behalf and advised him to complete the application online via his Personal IBO Website.

If Thomas had followed the correct process and given Matthew the information he needed, Thomas could be well on his way to Regional Director. Instead, he is no longer part of the ACN business.

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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