Click Energy Compliance Case Study 4

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 4

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 4

In this week’s case study, we’ll be looking at how to remain compliant as you operate your ACN business in the world of COVID-19.

This week we’ll be looking at Rachel.

Rachel is building her ACN business from her home in Adelaide. Having recently reconnected with her old friend Julian, she introduces him to Click Energy over a Zoom call.

Julian is interested in saving money and asks Rachel to help him switch his electricity service.

Rachel offers to perform the signup over Zoom while Julian is on the line.

Julian provides all of his details to Rachel over the call, including his mobile number and 2-factor Click Energy authentication code. Rachel shares her screen with Julian and completes the signup on his behalf while he witnesses everything on the zoom call.

Rachel receives an email shortly after advising that her ACN IBO Agreement has been terminated.

Where did it all go wrong for Rachel?

Despite having Julian on the call with her, Rachel performed a signup on Julian’s behalf.

This is a breach as Julian has not provided his Explicit Informed Consent. Explicit Informed Consent is a mandatory requirement to ensure that customers are knowingly entering into an agreement with Click Energy and that they understand all obligations.

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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