Click Energy Compliance Case Study 5

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 5

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 5

In this week’s Click Energy Compliance case study, we’ll be looking at how to remain compliant while you manage your ACN Business during the busy winter months.

Andrew has reached out to his best mate and ACN IBO, Jimmy, about his skyrocketing energy bills. Winter this year has been unseasonably cold therefore, Jimmy sends Andrew a Click Energy quote. Andrew loves the savings he will get if he switches to Click Energy and completes an online application to transfer his services.

Jimmy receives an email from ACN requesting him to have Andrew contact Click Energy to provide additional information in order for his application to proceed. Jimmy knows that Andrew wants to transfer his services to Click ASAP to take advantage of the potential savings, but is tied down with work and cannot contact Click Energy until the next day.

Wanting to help his mate, Jimmy contacts the ACN Click Energy hotline posing as Andrew and supplies Click Energy with the additional information required to progress Andrew’s application.

Andrew’s Click application is now underway!

However, Jimmy receives an email from ACN notifying him that his IBO position has been terminated due to fraud.

What should Jimmy have done in this situation?

Despite Jimmy acting with the best of intentions, he’s breached privacy laws by impersonating an account holder. He should have advised Andrew to contact Click Energy when he is able to, to sort out his Click Energy application.

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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