Click Energy Compliance Case Study 6

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 6

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 6

While most ACN Independent Business Owners pride themselves on referring customers to our service partners in the correct way, sometimes we have to give others a little reminder. 

This week we’re sharing Davina’s story with you…

Davina is a real estate agent and has just joined ACN. She hopes to find her clients the perfect house, as well as potential savings on their utility bills.

Davina gets a call from her client, Tracey, who loves the last rental property Davina showed her, and wants to sign the lease agreement. Tracey comes into the office to meet with Davina and sign the contract.

Whilst completing the paperwork, Tracey and Davina discuss which energy provider Tracey will connect her new rental property to. Davina tells Tracey that she is an ACN Independent Business Owner and shows Tracey her Personal IBO Website with the ACN exclusive Click Energy offerings. Tracey likes what she sees and gives her consent for Davina to connect her new rental property to Click Energy.

What should Davina do?

Davina knows that even though she’s a real estate agent and has Tracey’s permission to do so, she is not permitted to complete her Click Energy customer application.

All customers referred to ACN’s agency partner products and services MUST complete their own customer applications, even if the customer has given verbal consent to an IBO to complete the form on their behalf.

Completing Tracey’s Click Energy customer application on her behalf will result in Davina’s ACN IBO position being terminated for breaching her ACN IBO Agreement and Click Energy’s requirements. Davina doesn’t want to risk her ACN business therefore, she insists Tracey completes her own application.

Davina has done the correct and compliant thing. Well done Davina!

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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