Click Energy Compliance Case Study 7

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 7

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 7

It’s time for another Click Energy Compliance case study! These case studies were developed to help IBOs understand how to signup energy customers compliantly and to avoid termination.

This week, we’re looking into Henry’s predicament…

Henry has just started his ACN business as a new Independent Business Owner. He reaches out to his friend, Elizabeth, in South Australia.  Elizabeth wants to support Henry in building his business and decides to switch her electricity to Click Energy.

Elizabeth is completing her Click Energy application online but doesn’t receive the SMS authentication code required to complete her online signup. She rings Henry for help and asks if she can put down his mobile number to receive the SMS authentication code instead.

What should Henry do?
Henry knows that Click Energy requires account holder information to be accurate especially, the contact information.  He informs Elizabeth that she needs to contact the ACN dedicated Click Energy hotline – 1300 567 236 to complete her sign up over the phone as Click Energy won’t accept his contact information. To create her account, Click Energy will need Elizabeth’s own mobile number and email address.

This is the correct and compliant thing to do.

If Henry’s email address or mobile number appear on Elizabeth’s Click Energy application, this will not only cause delays in the customer’s connection as Click Energy works to obtain the correct informationbut also, the application is classified as a fraudulent sign-up, and Henry‘s IBO Agreement will be terminated. 

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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