Click Energy Compliance Case Study 8

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study 8

Click Energy Compliance Case Study 8

Oh no! My customer doesn’t have their mobile phone on them to complete their Click Energy application. What should I do? Continue reading to find out…

Anh is one customer away from qualifying for the Click Energy Strive For 20 program and is super excited because her cousin, Trung, has just told her he wants to sign-up to Click Energy! Trung arranges to meet at Anh’s house after work to complete the sign-up.

Later that day, Trung arrives with his laptop. Click Strive 20 here we come! 

Anh opens the ACN Click Energy sign up page and Trung starts to fill in the application. Trung realises he has left his mobile phone at home and won’t be able to enter the SMS 2-factor authentication code that gets sent to his phone. 

Anh tells Trung to put her mobile number down to receive the SMS 2-factor authentication code so that he can complete his application and advises him to update the contact number once his account has been created. Trung puts down Anh’s mobile number, ticks all the EIC checkboxes and submits his application.

The next day, Anh receives an email from Click Energy advising her that her personal mobile number has been identified in a customer’s application where she is not the account holder. Because of this, Trung’s service has been put on hold and will not progress until Click Energy have sorted out Trung’s correct contact information.

Not only does this delay Trung’s connection, but Anh’s IBO position has been terminated for wrongful signup

What should they have done?

Click Energy requires account holder information to be accurate, especially, the contact information.  Anh should have told Trung to sign-up on another day when he had his mobile phone available.

Alternately, if a customer is not able to receive the SMS 2-factor authentication code at the time of sign-up, they can complete their sign-up over the phone instead by calling the ACN dedicated Click Energy hotline – 1300 567 236. 

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training.

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