Click Energy Compliance Case Study

//Click Energy Compliance Case Study

Click Energy Compliance Case Study

Referring customers to our partners the right way isn’t complicated, but we’ve noticed some Independent Business Owners are still getting it wrong. So, we’ve started a series of case studies to help you and your teams ensure you’re compliant and putting your customers first.

This week we’ll be looking at William’s case study:

William is getting started in the ACN business as a new IBO. He lives with his mother, Charlotte, in sunny Brisbane.  

Charlotte wants to support William in building his ACN business and decides to switch her electricity to Click Energy. Because Charlotte and William both live in the same household, Charlotte asks to have bills sent to William’s email address so he can print them out for her.  

What should William do?  

William knows that Click Energy requires account holder information to be accurate and complete, including contact information.  

He respectfully tells Charlotte that Click Energy won’t accept his contact information, and that to create her account, Click Energy will need her own mobile number and email address. This is the right thing to do. 

If William’s email address or mobile number appear on Charlotte’s Click Energy account, there will be delays in the account setup process as Click Energy works to obtain the correct information. Furthermore, this is classified as a fraudulent sign-up, and William runs the risk of his IBO Agreement being terminated.  

For a refresher on the right way to refer customers to Click Energy, take a moment to review the Energy Accreditation Training. 

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