Energy Alert: Essential steps to protecting your business & “getting it right!”

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Energy Alert: Essential steps to protecting your business & “getting it right!”

When you refer people from your warm market to our Energy partners EnergyAustralia and Click Energy, it is your personal responsibility as an IBO to treat the Australian consumer and our Energy partners with care and respect.

Remember that our Energy partners regularly audit their customers and report to ACN any instance where a customer has not been signed up by an ACN IBO in a credible and ethical manner. Therefore it is critical to your business that you follow the online Energy Accreditation training provided to you by ACN, that the customer themselves completes their own sign up and that all the contact details supplied by the customer on their application are theirs (the customer’s) and no one else’s.

When it comes to ethical and credible customer referral, you must:

  • First, sit and successfully complete all of the online Energy Accreditation training supplied by ACN’s Energy partners;
  • Ensure that the customer (and no one else) goes online and signs up; and
  • Remember that unless the customer has included you as an authorised person on their customer account, IBOs are strictly prohibited from contacting EnergyAustralia or Click Energy on the customer’s behalf.

With regard to Click Energy – Click Energy is an online electricity retailer, therefore IBOs must check and be confident that the customer has the ability to access the internet and has a valid email address.


Should any IBO breach these requirements, ACN will act immediately and decisively to protect your business, the integrity of the ACN Business Opportunity and the good name and reputation of our Energy partners. ACN will not hesitate to terminate any IBO whose actions jeopardise the rights of the consumer and ACN’s relationship with our Energy partners.

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