Energy Tariffs are Changing

//Energy Tariffs are Changing

Energy Tariffs are Changing

From today, 1 January 2018, energy prices are changing. Wholesale cost increases are expected to impact customers in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

What is changing?
Wholesale generation and distribution costs have risen over the past year, and so the price of electricity and gas will rise as a result. This change will affect all energy retailers, though each retailer will handle the change in their own way.

Who is affected?
ACN-referred Click Energy customers in NSW, VIC and QLD may be affected by the change.

How will the change be communicated?
Affected customers in Queensland will be emailed directly by Click Energy to advise of the change. If a customer does not have an active email address, Click Energy will dispatch a letter. All affected Click Energy customers will also see a message in their Click Energy invoice advising of the changed rates.

Will this impact my discounts?
No. This change applies to the underlying tariff and supply charge construct; pay-on-time or guaranteed discounts are unaffected by the price change.

What can I do to minimise my energy spend?
The current range of ACN products available from Click Energy will not be affected by the 1 January price change. So, if you are currently billing on either Click ACN Prime or Click ACN Marine plans, you will notice no change to your billing on 1 January.

Still have questions?
If you’re curious about the change, or if you have questions about your Click Energy account, reach out to Click Energy on their dedicated ACN service hotline? 1300 568 927.


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