Important New Zealand Product Update

//Important New Zealand Product Update

Important New Zealand Product Update

It’s with regret that we inform you of the closure of our New Zealand energy partner, energyclubnz.

As a result of continuing and increased volatility in the wholesale electricity market and the impacts of COVID-19 on many New Zealand households, energyclubnz has made the difficult decision to exit the retail energy market. energyclubnz was unable to sustain their current model without raising prices, which was something they were not prepared to do to their members.

What does this mean for my customers?

There will be no obvious impact to your customers, as all existing energy account holders have been contacted by email to inform them of the automatic transfer of their energy account to Contact (energy). Any account credits that your customers may have accrued with energyclubnz, have also been transferred to Contact.

Should your customers have questions related to their account, including billing, payments or any other enquiries, please direct them to the energyclubnz transition FAQs.

What does this mean for the ACN Opportunity in New Zealand?

The sudden and unexpected exit of energyclubnz from the market came as a shock to both energyclubnz and ACN Pacific. However, we are committed to supporting our New Zealand IBOs and are working hard to expand the service offering in the New Zealand market.

What does this mean for me, as an IBO?

Unfortunately, this change means that you will no longer be able to refer customers to energyclubnz.

Given the unexpected nature of this news, the ACN Pacific corporate office is working to compile more information to share with you over the coming days, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

New Zealand product announcement:

Early last week we announced that there would be an extension to the product offering of one of our New Zealand partners. This announcement, which was scheduled for this Wednesday 24 June, was the launch of energyclubnz Business Energy. Sadly, this launch will no longer go ahead, and the call has been cancelled.

We will provide you with further updates shortly.

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