Introducing Click Energy

//Introducing Click Energy

Introducing Click Energy

From today, your customers will have even more choice when it comes to their Energy provider. In addition to EnergyAustralia, ACN has now partnered with Click Energy – an agile, online energy retailer.

Who is Click Energy?

Click Energy was founded in 2006 and offers electricity services in Victoria, New South Wales and South East Queensland, as well as gas services in Victoria.

Why is ACN partnering with Click Energy?

Click Energy has invested in the creation of a seamless sign-up experience for your customers. As Click Energy is a small, fast-growing retailer, there is a huge opportunity for IBOs to promote Click Energy to new customers.

ACN is currently promoting Click Energy’s residential offers only.

What benefits does Click Energy offer?

In addition to competitive discounts, Click Energy offers:

  • A simple referral and sign-up process
  • Discounts which apply to the whole bill
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No fixed benefit term
  • No connection or exit fees
  • Online monthly billing

Our Energy Quick Reference Guide provides a useful comparison of availability, product features and processes across Click Energy and EnergyAustralia.

How do my customers sign-up?

Your customers can navigate to the energy page of your Direct Storefront to view availability by state. If your customer is in a location serviced by Click Energy, they can click through to the ACN Click Energy microsite. Here, they can obtain a quote and complete their online application.

Your Business ID will be passed from your Direct Storefront and be visible in the banner at the top of the microsite. This means that no registration of the application is required as Click Energy will capture your Business ID.

How does Click Energy compensation differ from EnergyAustralia?

IBO compensation for Click Energy customers is in line with compensation for residential EnergyAustralia customers.

Service Customer Points Commissionable Revenue
Electricity 1 50% of $60 is commissionable at standard rates
Gas 1 50% of $40 is commissionable at standard rates


Terms and conditions apply. Refer to the official ACN Compensation Plan for full details.

Important Reminder!

It is a requirement that all IBOs complete training and become accredited before promoting Click Energy offers or referring customers to Click Energy. IBOs can access the Click Energy IBO Accreditation Training via the Energy page of IBO Back Office. From there, IBOs can click through to the online declaration of accreditation.

How do I learn more about Click Energy?

A lot of your questions will be answered as you complete your Click Energy Accreditation Training; however, IBOs and customers can access a range of FAQs covering various topics via the Click Energy Microsite.

Who can contact Click Energy?

Your customers can contact Click Energy regarding their application or general account enquiries via a dedicated ACN Customer Service line. This phone number is 1300 568 927.

IBOs must not contact Click Energy regarding customer application statuses or IBO compensation. IBOs must contact ACN IBO Support for these types of enquiries.

With generous offers from two retailers, your customers are sure to find the right solution for them. Make the most of this opportunity to build your business over the coming months and supercharge your momentum.

Visit for more information.

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