Step 9: What happens after your first 3 months?

//Step 9: What happens after your first 3 months?
Step 9: What happens after your first 3 months? 2020-08-24T15:38:05+10:00

After you work through your 90 Day Game Plan, we recommend you focus on building your team and acquiring more customers. Here are a few quick tips to keep your momentum going:

  • Read through the ACN Compensation Plan (AU/NZ) again to ensure you know what your next goal is
  • Attend regular meetings – use the Regional Event Finder to tap into a range of events in your local area
  • Stay up to date regarding product announcements, event information, business updates and compensation plan changes via the ACN in Actions newsletter (emailed each Thursday)
  • Like and follow ACN Asia Pacific on Facebook to receive regular product, event and inspirational content
  • Use the business tools in your Back Office, such as the Reports, to track your progress and visually monitor what you need to gain your next ACN promotion

Momentum is KEY to your success at ACN. Hard work and effort in your first 12 months can lead to significant rewards in the future. That’s what ACN is all about – building the life you want and gaining financial freedom!