Step 4: Acquire Customers

//Step 4: Acquire Customers
Step 4: Acquire Customers 2020-08-21T15:32:51+10:00

Now that your Personal IBO Website is activated and you’ve completed the three mandatory accreditation courses, you can now begin acquiring customers.

Acquiring customers is crucial to your success in ACN. With an extensive range of products and services suited to both residential and business customers, there’s something for everyone.

When you acquire customers, you earn customer points and customer acquisition cash bonuses. Customer points count towards your qualification.

When you acquire customers, you earn “customer points” that are directly linked to ACN’s Compensation Plan and Bonuses. Customer points count toward your qualification.

Keeping track of your customers and their order status is easy with your Personal Customer List(PCL) tool in Back Office. Daily monitoring of your PCL is recommended to keep on top of your customers as well as any actions that are required to achieve qualification.

How to view your PCL:

  1. Login to your Back Office
  2. Select “Total Customer Points” link from the left navigation menu

Please note, if you are not accredited you will see a note at the top of page advising of this.

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