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Cloud Phone Support & FAQs

Your Cloud Phone business service is supplied through our partner, MyNetFone and they are there to help you with your Cloud Phone service.

Whether you would like to check how your service works, upgrade your plan or report an issue, MyNetFone have a team ready to answer your call or receive your request.  Please choose from the list below.

What would you like to do?Contact
Check items or charges on your invoice?Please submit an online request via



Report an equipment fault or a problem with your cloud phone service



Call 1300 887 899 or submit an online request via



Check the network status (planned or ad-hoc maintenance activities from MyNetFone)View via


Manage your service. (e.g. make changes to call routing, add new users and configure settings)



Log into



For FAQs on the ACN Business Cloud Phone features and basic usage please go to



Please ensure you enter the correct CUSTOMER DETAILS in this section. Inputting your own details in this section will result in unnecessary delays in the investigation of your enquiry.