Company Overview

ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services including Home & Business Phone, Mobile, Broadband Internet, Digital Phone Services and video phones, Energy, and Home & Business Security.

ACN has offices located throughout North America, Europe, the Pacific and Asia with a direct sales force of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) servicing millions of satisfied customers. Launching in January 1993 in Michigan USA, ACN is renowned for providing consumers with services they need and use every day, supported by competitive pricing and great customer service.

ACN’s successful past and promising future have not gone unnoticed. The company has been featured in a variety of highly respected business publications including Fortune, INC. 500, Success from Home, USA Today and Direct Selling News. Each one of these third party endorsements serve as confirmation of ACN’s winning formula and provides a valuable resource for representatives.

ACN Pacific covers both the Australian and New Zealand markets and offers opportunities to join our IBO network as well as providing customers with access to leading products and services.

What we do

Business opportunities



ACN provides a new career opportunity to help you secure financial and lifestyle freedom.


Products & Services



Customers have access to the latest products and services, often at exclusive prices.

Community support

Together We Can Truly Make A Difference

ACN supports a range of organisations, both on a local and global scale. We focus our efforts on organisations directly impacting children. At ACN we believe that when you impact the life of a child, you do more than just change their day; you change their life.

Every year ACN hosts several International Training Events in cities around the world. At every event, we collect contributions from thousands of generous ACN Independent Business Owners and employees. ACN then matches these contributions dollar-for-dollar.



ACN & Foodbank Pay Your Bill, Feed the Need Program
There are approximately 1 million children in Australia who sometimes don’t know where their next meal is coming from and, one in seven children go to school each day without having breakfast, missing out on the most important meal of the day¹.

ACN has joined forces with Foodbank and together we have a mission to achieve an Australia without hunger, starting with children and their families.

By becoming an ACN customer and paying your bill each month, you are not only getting great services, you are also helping to feed an Aussie family in need.

So, every time someone becomes an ACN Telecommunications* customer and then every time someone pays their monthly ACN bill for those services, a meal goes to someone who desperately needs it. It’s really that simple.

And remember, these telecommunication services are services you are already using. Only now, you are helping feed families and children in need at the same time. It doesn’t get any simpler or more powerful than that.

¹ Australian Bureau of Statistics, CensusAtSchool Australia (2013) .

Ronald McDonald

Childhood illness can have a devastating effect on families. On top of the fear and uncertainty come the practicalities of managing the family when a child is away in hospital, often for extended periods of time. In a country as big as Australia, specialist care may be a long way from home and many families simply can’t afford to stay in hotels while their children receive treatment. Even then, the child’s illness often affects much more than their health – it can stop them going to school.

Ronald McDonald House Charities®, provides help and support through a wide range of programs that stretch across the continuum of care – not only accommodation, but also in-hospital support, education programs, health initiatives and financial grants. They are committed to helping seriously ill children and their families across Australia.

In 2008, ACN began working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities® and raises funds for this organisation at various ACN International Events. “We thought we could do the most good by really focusing on a charity that embraced our core value of helping families with children. That led us to Ronald McDonald House Charities,” ACN Chairman and Co-Founder, Robert Stevanovski.

Visit for more information.

United Way

United Way connects local volunteers with grassroots community organisations in Australia. They focus on making a real difference in three main areas – Education, Health and Income.

In 2012, ACN Pacific staff members started to volunteer their time to personally help those less fortunate. Staff members have supported local communities through cooking and providing meals, completing craft, playing with children, renovating backyards and homes and so much more.


Yalari’s Mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change.

In 2005, ACN began working with Yalari by providing their head office with its essential telecommunication services.

When ACN first partnered with Yalari to help it achieve its goals there were just 5 children in the school, today Yalari helps more than 180 children.


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