Personal Security

ACN is partnered with ADT to offer a variety of personal devices and systems to keep you and your loved ones safe.

NevaAlone (Medical Alarm)

The NevaAlone Medical Alarm is the perfect solution to ensure the safety of loved ones who are living alone or who have a medical condition. NevaAlone provides a 24/7, in-home safety measure, whilst still affording an independent lifestyle.

NevaAlone features:

  • Long-range, water-resistant pendant worn around the neck or wrist
  • Instant assistance at the push of a button
  • Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Work and Income (WINZ) accredited

Emergency Call Unit “ECU” (Medical Alarm)

ADT Security’s Emergency Call Unit is a cost-effective option for keeping yourself and your family safe – offering both medical and personal safety assistance 24/7. The ECU provides peace of mind knowing that loved ones are protected and can call for assistance at any time.*

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Unique to ADT, FindU turns your family’s smartphones into personal security devices providing extra peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Unlike most other personal security devices, FindU is directly integrated into ADT Security’s 24/7 professional response centre, which means if you’re within cellular coverage and need help, ADT will find you, alert your emergency contacts and dispatch a security patrol officer or advise emergency services.

  • Keep an eye on your children while they’re travelling to and from school with ‘Journey’ feature.
  • Crisis management, and contract tracing for employee safety.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers are automatically contacted by both SMS and email if an emergency is activated.

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