Complaints Policy

What is a complaint?

A complaint can be described as an expression of dissatisfaction, discontent, resentment, and/or fault-finding. We acknowledge that you have the right to make a complaint. If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of ACN’s services we will handle your complaint in accordance with this policy.

How do I make a complaint to ACN Pacific?

You can contact us in various ways; these are listed below to ensure that you receive the fastest response possible:

New Zealand

Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm Mon to Sun
Phone: 0508 226 000
Post: ACN Pacific Pty Ltd, PO Box 90694, Auckland MSC, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Webchat: Mon to Friday: 10:00am – 10:00pm – Click here
Enquiry form: Mon to Friday: 10:00am – 10:00pm – Click here
Email us:

If you have hearing difficulties, please contact us in writing, via our online chat.

If English is not your first language we will try to assign a Customer Service representative who speaks your language. In the first instance we suggest the customer consider assigning a family member or friend as an advocate or authorised representative on their customer account.

If you are unable to pay your bill, please read our financial hardship policy.

Your authorised representative or advocate can also lodge a complaint on your behalf.

What happens next

Once you have contacted us, we will do everything possible to answer your question or provide a suitable solution while you are on the phone. We will give you a unique identification number so you can track your complaint and you can contact us at any stage to check on the status of your complaint.

We will not implement a proposed resolution to your complaint until we have discussed it with you and you accept it. If we can’t resolve your complaint, or you’re not happy with the answer we provide, we will escalate your complaint to a Customer Service Team Leader or Supervisor. If you are still unsatisfied with the result, we may ask you to put your complaint in writing to our Customer Relations Manager. We will investigate your complaint and respond in writing or by phone.

Complaint acknowledgement and response times

When we receive a complaint in person or over the telephone, we acknowledge it as a complaint immediately. If we receive a complaint as a recorded message, we call you back within one working day.

When we receive a complaint in writing, we acknowledge it within two working days. ‘In writing’ includes complaints made by: email or received through our website; received through one of our ACN Independent Business Owners (IBOs); or via post.

We aim to resolve all complaints within two working days. If a complaint is escalated to a Team Leader we allow five working days. If a complaint is escalated to the Customer Relations Manager we allow 10 working days.

We immediately escalate urgent complaints to the Customer Relations Manager, who takes personal responsibility for resolving the urgent aspects of the complaint within two working days. We consider your complaint to be urgent if:

  • it is about a fault that could potentially endanger your safety
  • the issue would cause us to disconnect your service within seven days
  • the issue could lead to you experiencing financial hardship.

ACN Pacific’s Complaints Policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will be published on ACN’s websites. This policy was last updated on 27 September 2017.


Please ensure you enter the correct CUSTOMER DETAILS in this section. Inputting your own details in this section will result in unnecessary delays in the investigation of your enquiry.

Earning Statement

RVPs and SVPs (including Circle of Champions members) earn annual income achieved by fewer than 1% of ACN IBOs. Their success stories and earnings are extraordinary and not typical. Earnings as an ACN IBO are based solely upon the successful sale of products to customers and their usage of those products. Individuals will incur expenses in operating their ACN business, such as the sign-up fee and renewal fee, as well as other possible operating expenses. As with any business, earnings and success at ACN are not guaranteed but depend primarily on the individual’s commitment, persistence and effort. Individuals may not earn income and may lose money as an IBO.