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ACN partners with leading essential service providers such as Optus, Telstra, EnergyAustralia, Click Energy and nbn™ to ensure our customers have access to the latest products and services, often at exclusive prices.

In Australia, ACN offers a wide range of telecommunications and essential services including Home & Business Phone, Mobile, Broadband Internet, Energy, and Home & Small Business Security.

ACN bypasses traditional above-the-line advertising outlets and enables our Independent Business Representatives to pass savings directly onto our customers.


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Success story of Matt & Lisa Rasmussen

bw_matt_lisa_rasmussenMatt & Lisa Rasmussen’s organisation, Titan Global, has gone from strength to strength. They now have a team of IBOs and customers located in 14 countries around the globe.
“I didn’t have a privileged background. My parents were blue-collar workers and they had a dream for me; they wanted me to have a life better than what they had. I went to school, got my degree and went into the corporate workforce as a public accountant. It didn’t take me very long to realise that that wasn’t a better life. I didn’t have a lot of freedom. I had a lot of stress in my life and not a lot of free time. I certainly didn’t have a lot of time to spend with my children or to grow as a person. This wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my life, so I was open to opportunities. I saw ACN seven years ago and it just made sense. Getting paid when people pay their essential bills and while I slept sounded like a very good thing. So we got started – we went to work and we worked hard,” Matt explained.
Matt’s wife Lisa was sceptical when he first joined ACN, however her thoughts changed very quickly, “In the last seven years, we’ve had some amazing lifestyle changes. I’ve seen the world and we’ve spent more time with our children”, she said. Matt continued, “Before ACN, I’d never even left the country and today we’ve been to multiple countries around the world. It’s just been staggering – especially the personal growth. And what I really love is that this company has allowed us the environment to see these changes in our life and really fulfil what, I believe, was my potential all along.”
Matt believes the ACN opportunity is only as good as what an IBO is going to bring to the table. “It’s a personal growth program with compensation attached. The more you grow, the more you make. You have to like people. You have got to have a vision for people and a desire to have people succeed beyond your own success, in order to really have success with ACN. For a new IBO, the key to success is very simple – you’ve got to be coachable. The people that are involved in the business are there to help you. If I’d just been more coachable and listened to the people that got me involved when I started out, I would have had an even greater level of success.”
So, what is it about ACN that Matt enjoys the most?
“With ACN, you wake up each morning and the day is limitless. You don’t know who you’re going to present to that day that’s got a bigger vision than you. I look out ten years from today and I can imagine where our business is going to be – in multiple countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of customers – and it’s all because of ACN. It’s absolutely amazing to think that from the kid that grew up in a very humble beginning to be where we are today – travel the world and do what we want to do is amazing and I’m just so thankful for that.”

Success story of Brian & Andrea Sax

bw_Brian_Andrea_SaxFormer Engineer and U.S. Olympic Track Team Hopeful, now ACN Senior Vice President and North American Circle of Champions Member.
As a former Ivy Leaguer from Princeton and future Olympic Hopeful, Brian Sax seemed to have the recipe for success – a college education from one of the country’s most respected institutions and an athletic ability to break new records in track and field. But it didn’t take long for Brian to discover that college had not prepared him for the harsh realities of the real world – a world that unfortunately would not allow him to do what he loved and to be financially successful at the same time.
As an Engineer, he never gave up on his dreams, but his career simply did not leave enough time for him to train properly. In his search for something new (for something that broke the corporate rules), he discovered ACN through a friend who was a Heart Surgeon from Yale. Brian was immediately impressed.
“Everyone was so supportive from the beginning; everyone wanted to see everyone else succeed. It was the most positive environment that I had ever encountered,” Brian said.
From his first days in this business, Brian set out on a different kind of race… a race to the top. He was promoted to Regional Vice President in July 2000 but that simply wasn’t enough. So he relocated to Odessa, Texas, and under his leadership, the Texas market exploded. His move also resulted in Brian meeting his future wife, Andrea.
The couple has been extremely successful, and their financial gain had given them the freedom to spend more time together and to look forward to starting a family without any financial worries. In addition, Brian is able to devote time once again to his love of track and field, and Andrea has been able to focus on her own long-time dream of starting her own business. While their income had afforded them a lot, they’ve gained far more from their ACN business.
“The growth along the way, as well as the type of people who have come into my life, my wife especially, have completely changed my life. If it were not for ACN, I would not have 90% of the non-material items, qualities, and assets I cherish most in my life right now! I’m excited about where I am, what I’ve become, and where my wife and I are headed – all because of ACN!” Brian said.
Today, this consistent Circle of Champions Member oversees a global network of IBOs. Brian reached another milestone in February 2003 when he was the first to be promoted as a North American Senior Vice President.
“ACN has been the definition of change in my life. What my career forced me to give up years ago, I now have that and so much more back through ACN,” Brian said.
The Circle of Champions represents the Top Producers.

Success story of Karen Rostagno

KAREN-2When Karen Rostagno first saw ACN, she was busy running a family business and did not have much time to devote to ACN. However, after just 22 months of ACN part time, she found herself having time and financial freedom that she never thought was possible.
“I love the fact that ACN pays a residual income for marketing essential products that everyone need and want. A lifelong dream of being able to make a significant difference in other people’s lives has become a reality,” Karen explains. “ACN is a turnkey business that offers all the resources a person needs to build a successful business.”
Karen has since become the first Australian IBO to achieve the highest earned position in ACN, Senior Vice President. “It’s been such a privilege for me to be Australia’s first SVP and I want to help other people step into this place as well. So all the dreams that they have, everything they want to achieve for their family, will happen for them as well.”
For Karen, the greatest gift from ACN has been the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants, which all comes back to the simple things in life.

Success story of George & Mavis Nixon

nixonTogether George and Mavis Nixon make up one of the Pacific regions power teams.
George and Mavis had always been in business for themselves both as a farming enterprise and retailing agricultural products. However after 40 years of travelling up & down the financial ladder 3 times owing to things beyond their control, they were introduced to the ACN Opportunity. With 14 years network marketing experience, George and Mavis were convinced ACN was the way to go!

Introduced to ACN by a friend, George and Mavis were curious to find out more; however, after cancelling their first appointment due to illness, they didn’t get to see the presentation for another 2 weeks. “Our Sponsors didn’t give up on us and we are very grateful for that”.

Knowing that telecommunications was one of the fastest growing industries in the world, George and Mavis didn’t want to miss out just in case it did work. “Besides, getting paid on thousands or tens of thousands of other people’s phone bills around the world was certainly appealing so we signed up straight away”.

The thing that appealed to George and Mavis most about ACN was that they aren’t asking people to spend more money than they normally do and everybody has a telephone. “Residual income coupled with the ability to duplicate yourself is very powerful when fully understood. By building and helping a team of people build their business, everyone’s income is unlimited”.

“Our goal is to change the lives of other people by showing them what we were shown”.

Since they started with ACN, George and Mavis have followed the system to the letter, put in consistent effort and most importantly, never ever gave up! “Become 100 % coachable and together everyone wins. Don’t hold back, overcome your fears and make it happen with daily action”.

Success story of Lorraine Hollitt & Bruce Mitchell

holittBruce Mitchell and Lorraine Hollitt made ACN Pacific history when, during their RVP promotion parade at the ACN Training Weekend in Sydney, February 27 & 28, 2010, Bruce proposed marriage to Lorraine on stage.
Prior to ACN, Bruce had worked for 25 years as a financial planner and before that was a retail business owner. His partner, Lorraine was working 7 days a week as a real estate agent and before that ran her own newspaper. Both were content in their jobs, earning well and convinced that working in traditional businesses would generate enough wealth for them to retire comfortably. Neither were looking for a new opportunity before being introduced to ACN – but were open to the idea of learning about a great way to earn more money and make more friends.
When Bruce was first approached about the Opportunity, he was not really interested in learning more about the business and felt no urgency to attend a meeting. Six months later, when Co-Founder Mr Mike Cupisz was touring Australia and stopping in Bruce’s hometown of Adelaide, his sponsor contacted him again. The chance to meet a Co-Founder, successful business owner and expert in the Direct Selling field excited Bruce. He attended a meeting with an open mind, was energised by what was presented and signed up right away.
After signing up himself, Bruce asked his partner Lorraine to attend a meeting with him. While doubting she could add any value by attending the meeting with Bruce, she went along anyway to show him support.
“I joined because Bruce wanted me to – not because I wanted to. It was not until 2 months after joining that I finally understood what ACN was all about. This came when he took me to my first International Event in Sydney in June 2006. That Event changed my life, and that of the many people that I have since shared ACN with”, says Lorraine.
After attending the Event, meeting thousands of excited people and hearing some great testimonials, Lorraine could see what Bruce had seen all along – that “the Opportunity was an absolute ‘no-brainer’. ACN had such a good track record and the product was for essential services that people use every day”.
When Bruce began talking to friends and family about ACN, they all said the same thing: “Don’t be crazy, you already have a great job. Why change?”
What was Bruce’s response? “I never actually owned my business, my business owned me. I can’t believe that ACN carry all the infrastructure costs, staff problems etc. and all I need to do was talk to people. I would never go back to being a slave to traditional small businesses after experiencing the ease and lack of stress associated with ACN.”
Lorraine faced a similar resistance from her friends and family, but now 3 years later, at the prestigious position of RVP, earning great money and enjoying the life she has always wanted – Lorraine’s family and friends are queuing up to join ACN. Lorraine says, “the moral of the story is – never, never take people off your list. I believe as long as you leave the door open – eventually they will all walk through either as customers or reps”.
With a strong work ethic, consistency and persistence, Bruce and Lorraine are now RVP’s and fast tracking their way to SVP.

Success story of Memory & Frances Ahec

ahecMemory & Frances Ahec, a mother-daughter team from New Zealand, are now two of the most influential leaders in the Pacific region.
“Becoming Regional Vice President’s has been such an amazing journey. We love the company and the new found family we have made. For the both of us, our most enjoyable part of building an ACN business is to help change the lives of people we meet.”
They have met huge sacrifices along the way… One of the biggest challenges they faced was when Frances chose to leave her home and family to build their ACN Business in Australia, while Memory remained in New Zealand. “We did this to help speed up the process.”
Since achieving Regional Vice President, Memory and her family have also moved to Australia to continue growing their business in the region.
“We love to work together. A daily outing for the both of us would be to spend time in cafe’s, restaurants and shopping malls, talking to people and sharing the opportunity.”
Memory and Frances both agreed to make these sacrifices now so they could enjoy the rest of their lives together with family, not struggling financially, not working for someone else and not being owned by traditional business.
Frances’ biggest fear in life is to rely on a government system to take care of her in her old age, so while she still has life in her, she will continue to build this business to buy her freedom. As a single parent, she strives for better and to help change the lives and mindset of those who dare to dream.
“We love this business, and we look forward to helping many more people on the road to RVP”.