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How do I change my Wireless Security Settings on my Broadband service?

To change your Wi-Fi Security Settings you will need to log in to your modem while connected via an Ethernet cable from your PC or laptop to your modem.

  1. To log in to your modem you will need to type your modems IP address into your web browser:
    Modem IP Address
    ZTE ACN Premium Modem
    TP-Link 9970
    TP-Link 841N
    D-Link type
  2. A pop up window will appear asking you for the modem username and password; e.g. for D-Link the default settings are Username: admin & Password: admin
  3. On the menu options look for Wireless settings or Wireless connection and follow the instructions to secure your connection with a security level and password.
    1. Security mode:  WPA-PSK
    2. Network name (SSID): You can choose to name your network something different or leave as D-Link or Netgear
    3. Network Key/ Pre-shared key or password: Secure your device with a password containing letters and numbers (Between 8 and 63 characters )
  4. Ensure to update the Wi-Fi settings in the devices connecting to your modems internet connection e.g. your phone or tablet.

Please view our Broadband userguides for more information.

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