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Broadband Speed Test

To help confirm how fast your uploading and downloading data, click on the image below:


Our recommendations when running your speed test:

  • Turn your modem off for 30 seconds and then back on again
  • If you have an internal modem inside your desktop computer, please restart your computer
  • Once these steps are complete, perform a speed test using the ‘Run Speed Test’ link above making sure you select a Telstra speed test server
  • Test from a PC that is directly connected to the modem/router via a cable (Ethernet)
  • Close all applications that require an Internet connection and disable the Wireless Access Point of your modem/router
  • If you have a line splitter, please remove your modem/router and connect it directly to the wall socket to test
  • Conduct 3 consecutive speed tests at 3 different times of the day

For more technical information about your Speed Test results and factors affecting your connection speed, please click here.

If you have consistent slow speeds at all times of the day, if you need additional support or are unsure of your speed test results, report a fault via ACN MyAccount portal.

To report a fault via ACN MyAccount, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Logon to ACN MyAccount
  2. Navigate through ‘Forms’
  3. Click on ‘Report Faults’ button
  4. Select the option from the drop-down list that best describes the concern
  5. Provide your best contact number
  6. Select your preferred contact date and time
  7. Click ‘Submit’ to complete

Take note of your reference number for this transaction. An ACN Customer Service Representative will call you on the preferred date and time you have provided to assist you with your fault.

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