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How to change your Service Plan in MyAccount

With the new MyAccount, you are able to change your plan online without the need to contact us.

To change your plan for your active service:
1. Log into your MyAccount with your Customer ID/Username and Password
2. Under the “Plans + Usage” tab, click on the active service you wish to change the plan for.
3. Click on “Change Plan” button on the right side menu bar:

change plan pic1
4. You can compare different plans once in the Change Plan screen, to select a new plan simply click “Change Plan” button under the plan that suits you:
change plan pic2
5. Confirmation screen will appear confirming your current plan, new plan and the plan change fee if applicable. Click OK to proceed.
6.Once the change has been processed, you will see a plan change confirmation acknowledging that your plan has been changed successfully: change plan pic3

7. To confirm that your plan change request was submitted, you should see a notification under “Change Plan‘ screen that you have a Plan Change Pending and the date it will take effect:

change plan pic4

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