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MyAccount first login

With the new MyAccount not only we have improved the look and feel but we also enhanced the security of your account.
If you have never logged into the new MyAccount yet, this article will assist you in getting started.

What you will need to successfully login to the new MyAccount:

  • Your ACN Customer ID
  • Your old MyAccount Password

1. Navigate to:

2. Enter your ACN Customer ID

3. Enter your old MyAccount password
*If you do not remember your ACN Customer ID, See article: Forgotten your MyAccount username
*If you do not remember your MyAccount password, See article: Forgotten your MyAccount password

4. Click the “Login” button

5. Once successfully logged in, you will be asked to create your MyAccount User. This must be your primary email address. This procedure will associate your ACN Customer ID with the email address entered so later, you will be able to log in with either your email or ACN Customer ID.
First time logging into the new MyAccount pic2

6. Next you will be prompted to Create a Customer Pin number. This 4 digit pin number will be used for identification purposes in case you need to call our Customer Service Centre. With the use of this pin, you will no longer need to go through security validation given that you provide correct pin when prompted by our Agent.

First time logging into the new MyAccount pic1

If correctly set, you will see a message stating that the Pin was updated successfully. Click “Close” to access MyAccount.

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