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ACN Pacific International Event

Sydney International Convention Centre, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000


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ends 8 March


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The power of ACN International Events is truly undeniable. And trust us when we say, we always have the best line-up of guest speakers. All of our speakers have been where you are now and have gone on to achieve personal and financial success. These events really are a must for all Independent Business Owners and anyone considering the ACN opportunity.

The Sydney International Event is no exception!

You will:

  • Be amongst the top performers in the Pacific Region
  • Learn from the best local and international speakers
  • Be first to hear about product updates and announcements
  • Learn the latest sales and marketing techniques
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Mike Cupisz
Mike CupiszACN Co-Founder
Gerard Frack
Gerard FrackManaging Director - ACN

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  • Saturday 21 March
  • Sunday 22 March

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Event Leaderboard

See where you rank on the International Event Leaderboard

Updated: 20 January 2020

SVP and RVP Name Rank
SVP and RVP Phuong & Wenny Nguyen 1
SVP and RVP Memory & Frances Ahec 2
SVP and RVP MD Rahman 3
SVP and RVP Sinan Abu-Aisheh 4
SVP and RVP Karen Rostagno & Owen Piccinotti 5
SVP and RVP Brian Sax 6
SVP and RVP Rao & Deepthi Kankatala 7
SVP and RVP James & Donna Kaiwai 8
SVP and RVP Bruce Mitchell & Lorraine Hollitt 9
SVP and RVP Rupinder Batra 10
SVP and RVP Rod, Sandy, Austin & Winston Lewinsmith 10
RD Name Rank
RD Fadi Baba 1
RD Jannis & Spencer Fatuleai 1
RD Matatoa & Teariki Engu 2
RD Ruben Bastias 3
RD Alan & Debra Weaver 4
RD May & Emmanuel Eusebio  5
RD Emeline Otuafi 6
RD Ann McCoy 7
RD Gil Hotchkiss 8
RD Rasha Kasser 9
RD Binh Nguyen 10
ETL Name Rank
ETL Ahmed Taha 1
ETL Makitalena Tangi 2
ETL Selcuk Cakir 3
ETL Finn Svensson & Cong Khanh Vo 3
ETL George Nixon 3
ETL Ripesh Karki  3
ETL Shara-lea Kiripatea 3
ETL Josie Mariner 3
ETL Matamoana Akuai 4
ETL Ripul Anand 4
ETL Selvi Bong & Michael Tangeren 4
ETL Aulola Halahala & Semisi M Mateialona 4
ETL Lawrence & Pamela Lunar 4