Honey Insurance Sweet Rewards Program

Terms and conditions

The Honey Insurance (Honey) Sweet Rewards Program (Program) provides eligible ACN Independent Business Owners (IBOs) a non-monetary reward for reaching 25, 50, 100 or 150 active customer policies with Honey.

Participation in Honey’s Sweet Rewards Program is subject to eligibility deemed by ACN and Honey. All information is correct as at 12/08/23 and is subject to change. Honey’s Sweet Rewards Program ends 14/02/28. Eligible Qualified New Customer policies are recorded from 10/3/2023 onwards. Honey reserves the right to withdraw or extend this program at any time, without notice.

You must be an accredited ACN IBO to be eligible to participate in Honey’s Sweet Rewards Program. IBO’s that hit active customer policy milestone with a non-monetary gift:

Milestone Honey policies Reward*
Bronze 25 Honey Badge
Silver 50 Honey Badge +

Honey merchandise (i.e water bottle, notepad & pen set)

Gold 100 Honey Badge +

Honey merchandise (i.e laptop bag, speaker, picnic/BBQ set)

Platinum 150 Honey Badge +

Honey merchandise (i.e luxury duffle bag, headphones) +

Entrepreneur lunch/webinar with Founder & CEO Rich Joffe

The rewards are provided by Honey. Honey may utilise a third-party service or provider depending on the reward. *Subject to change.

IBO eligibility

  1. To qualify for the Honey Sweet Rewards Program an IBO must:
    1. be an active IBO;
    2. be in good standing with ACN and Honey Insurance;
    3. have completed their ACN Customer Acquisition Code (CAC) accreditation training; and
    4. be accredited to refer ACN Honey Insurance
  2. An active policy is a policy that is in force and that has not been cancelled.
  3. An IBO qualifies for the Honey Sweet Rewards Program when they obtain 25, 50, 100 or 150 active policies with Honey.
  4. These milestone only have to be reached once at a point in time. For example, if an IBO reaches 50 active customer policies, and then a customer cancels 1 policy after we have confirmed they have reached Gold status and reward, they would still qualify for a Gold status and reward even though the IBO has 49 active customer policies.

Qualifying customer policies

  1. Must be new to Honey and acquired in the Australian market by the IBO on or after 10 March 2023.
  2. Eligible ACN Honey Qualifying Active Policy is any policy referred by the IBO that is bound and in force (not cancelled). Any new Honey Qualifying Active Policies referred by an IBO after 10 March 2023 are counted as eligible policies. Only one Qualifying Active Policy per insured address is an eligible legitimate policy. Existing addresses insured with Honey that have not been referred to by the ACN IBO Honey are excluded.
  3. The following types of ACN Honey Insurance referrals are not Qualifying Customer policies :
    1. Honey Insurance referrals initially acquired via channels other than ACN;
    2. Multiple quotes or policies for the same insured address
  4. For an ACN Honey Qualifying Active Policy to count towards the Sweet Reward Program, the Customer must complete a quote and bound their policy with having purchased the policy through the IBO’s Personal IBO Website or direct via the Honey Insurance ACN IBO unique link.
  5. An ACN Honey Insurance referral that is the subject of an IBO missing order claim will not be considered a Qualifying Customer policy in the month the claim is raised and/or resolved.
  6. Qualifying Active Policies will be calculated and audited each calendar month, on the first day of the following month.
  7. If a Qualifying Active Policy is subsequently determined to be invalid, Honey Insurance reserves the right to reverse that specific IBOs Qualifying Active Policy from the Sweet Reward Program eligibility in accordance with the T&C’s permitted by law and Honey Insurance’s billing procedures.
  8. ACN and Honey Insurance will review Customer Qualifying Active Policies and IBO eligibility at the end of every calendar quarter and will only be rewarded for reaching each threshold once.
  9. For those that qualified for a Sweet within the Sweet Reward Program, the Reward will be sent or organised and sent to the IBO within that quarter of qualification.

Change to Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. ACN and Honey Insurance reserve the right to modify this program at their discretion for compliance, administrative, commercial, or other similar reasons at any time, with or without prior notice.
  2. ACN and Honey Insurance have the right to end this program anytime at their discretion by giving 30 days’ notice in advance.
  3. Should ACN and/or Honey Insurance discontinue this program, gift cards for Qualifying Active Policies and rewards will still be applied for that calendar quarter period following the Sweet Reward Program end date, assuming the following:
    1. the IBO remains in good standing;
    2. the IBO is current on all their payments towards ACN;
    3. the IBO maintains the Qualified Customer policies that resulted in qualification at the time of the Sweet Rewards Program end date; and
    4. the IBO is an active IBO.