2degrees Mobile issue

//2degrees Mobile issue

2degrees Mobile issue

We have uncovered an issue with allocating 2degrees Mobile customers to IBOs. This has meant a number of IBOs will not be able to see their customers in their Personal Customer List (PCL) and may not have received points. We believe the issue impacted some IBOs from 13 September, but a larger number of IBOs from 27 September. We have rectified the issue in the system and we now need your help in completing a Missing customer form per customer. You will need to include the following customer  information to assist us:

  • Order date
  • Customer name
  • Customer email address
  • Where the customer signed up (eg Direct Storefront)
  • Service type
  • Whether they were an existing 2degrees customer
  • Mobile service number
  • Plan

After you have completed the Missing Customer Form and received acknowledgement, the next step will be to raise an IBO enquiry related to any missing qualifications or bonuses.

2018-10-04T14:22:13+10:00 October 4th, 2018|Product News|