Success Through Sorting NOT Selling

//Success Through Sorting NOT Selling

Success Through Sorting NOT Selling

Building an exceptional network won’t happen over night, but the formula is simple. Be coachable, persistent, and willing to follow the principal of sorting not selling.

So, what’s the different between sorting and selling?

Sorting is simply presenting both the ACN Opportunity, and ACN’s services to prospects and potential customers. Once you have shown them what ACN has on offer, you determine if they are interested or not. Essentially you are sorting them into categories of “interested” or “not interested”

Selling involves putting a lot of pressure on yourself to convince someone to sign up for an ACN service or the Business Opportunity.

By sorting and not selling, you are attracting people who are truly interested in ACN and will stick around for the long term.

What Does a Sorting System Look Like?

Step One – Greet

The first and easiest step is just talking to your prospects, encourage them to talk freely and openly with you.

Step Two – Qualify

This is the step that determines if you have genuine prospects. The purpose of qualifying is to find out what the person needs, wants and doesn’t want as it relates to your business.

Step Three – Invite

Once you’ve qualified the prospect, the next step is to invite them to review some information (either the ACN Opportunity or ACN’s products and services) that can help them achieve whatever it is that they’ve said they need, want or don’t want.

Step Four – Questions and Objections

The purpose of handling questions and/or objections is to get the prospect beyond whatever it is that is holding them back from getting what they have stated they need, want or don’t want.

Key points for handing questions / objections:

  1. Listen completely; take notes if you need to. Never interrupt.
  2. Confirm your understanding by asking the question back to them. Make sure you fully understand what they are asking.
  3. Handle the question or objection. Getting an experienced upline TC, RD or RVP on a 3-way call can be a great way to do this if you don’t know the answer.

Step Five – Close to Action

Acknowledge what is being said or done and then start putting your prospects needs, wants or don’t wants into existence.

Step Six – Follow up

Contact your prospect to see how they are getting on and if you can provide further assistance.

It is important that your customers know you appreciate them and your new IBOs know you are their coach and mentor.

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