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Agency compliance

At ACN, we hold strong relationships with our agency partners, and are committed to protecting these relationships, along with the integrity of the ACN Business Opportunity and the rights of the consumer. Over recent months, ACN has been made aware of a number of instances of IBO misconduct from our agency partners Vodafone Australia, Click Energy and EnergyAustralia. Some examples include IBOs:

  • Completing their customer’s online applications
  • Placing their own contact details on customer applications
  • Failing to follow the prescribed formal contact and escalation methods detailed in official ACN and agency product documents
  • Calling ACN and agency partners impersonating the customer
  • Misrepresenting ACN and agency product and services to the customer
  • Making inappropriate and unreasonable demands of ACN and agency customer service representatives

These behaviours are damaging, and present a major risk to our agency partnerships and to the integrity of the ACN Business Opportunity. While we understand that this behaviour is contained to a small group of IBOs, we’d like to remind all IBOs to always act with honesty, integrity and credibility, as well as staying compliant with ACN’s Policies and Procedures. Any IBO found to be engaging in a non-compliant manner may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and termination.

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