We know you want to help your customers get the best deal on their electricity, but do you fully understand how energy pricing in Australia works? It’s useful to be armed with as much information as possible to help your customers get the best deal.

What is the reference price?

The reference price for energy effectively acts as a price cap for power retailers, and provides a consistent point of reference for consumers to compare plans. The idea is that energy retailers display how their prices compare to the reference price, so consumers know where they stand when it comes to finding a competitive deal. In New South Wales, Queensland & South Australia, the reference price is know as the Default Market Offer (DMO). In Victoria, it’s known as the Victorian Default Offer (VDO).

As an ACN IBO, you currently have access to an invitation-only offer from Alinta Energy, SelectSaver, enabling you to offer your customers up to 25% less than the reference price in Victoria and up to 17% less than the reference price in NSW and QLD!*

What about gas?

The reference price only applies to electricity, it does not apply to gas. If you see a ‘% off’ for gas, retailers are comparing the price to their own standing offer. It’s important to note that retailers’ standing offers vary, so the % is not comparable across all retailers unlike the electricity reference price. To make it easier for customers, Alinta Energy’s SelectSaver plan offers customers a ‘rate only’ gas product.

Now you know a little more about energy pricing, it’s time to get out there and start talking energy with your customers!