Home & Small Business Bundle Plans Refresh – Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited!

//Home & Small Business Bundle Plans Refresh – Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited!

Home & Small Business Bundle Plans Refresh – Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited!

There has never been a better time to connect to ACN’s Home and Small Business Bundle Plans. From September 21, 2015, ACN is refreshing the plans to bring you and your customers greater value by offering even better call inclusions such as Unlimited^ Local, National and Mobile calls* along with generous data.

What has changed with the new Bundle Plans?

  • Bundle 50: local calls currently charged at 19c per call will now be an Unlimited^ call inclusion
  • Bundle 250: national calls change from 19c per minute + flagfall (and a call cap of $2 for 2 hours) to Unlimited^! That’s in addition to the already Unlimited^ Local calls
  • Bundle 250: customers will save 10c per minute on Australian Mobile calls with a price reduction to 29c per minute + 39c flagfall (and a call cap of $2 for 20 minutes)
  • Bundle 500: the Unlimited^ calls to Australian Mobiles promotion is now a permanent inclusion on the Bundle 500 plan

Why sell the refreshed Bundle Plans?

ACN has 3 great plans packed with extra value that are tailored to suit a range of data usage and call requirements so we have a plan to suit everyone:

  • Our entry level 50GB plan includes Unlimited^ Local calls and is ideal for users with low usage.
  • Our mid-tier plan includes 250GB of data and Unlimited^ Local and National calls. Ideal for families with multiple devices and those that share the home broadband connection, as well as small businesses who regularly make business calls to Australian numbers.
  • Our most popular top tier 500GB plan is ideal for those that are data and call hungry. With plenty of data for surfing the web, streaming, watching online TV and sharing a connection with multiple devices, as well as an abundance of Unlimited^ call inclusions, it’s a great plan for homes and small businesses who regularly make calls to landline and mobile numbers Australia-wide.

What’s more, ACN’s Home & Small Business Bundle Plans offer the simplicity of one bill and a short 12 month contract term.

If you have existing Bundle Plan customers within contract, they can take advantage of these improved plans by requesting a plan change. To do this without incurring a plan change fee, customers should complete the Bundle Upgrade Form available at acnpacific.com.au/au-bundle-upgrades, which will trigger a new 12 month contract term. Customers calling ACN Customer Service for a plan change will incur a $5.50 plan change fee#.

Home & Small Business Bundle 50GB, 250GB and 500GB Plans are worth 4 customer points! Check the latest ACN Compensation Plan for full details.

Check acnpacific.com.au/products/australia/bundles from Monday, September 21 for more information.

^ Acceptable Use Policy applies

* Varies by plan

#$5.50 plan change fee applies for each service changed via ACN Customer Service

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