As part of our efforts to enhance the IBO training experience, from 1 July we will be aligning all accreditations to your annual IBO renewal date. This means all existing IBOs will need to renew the following accreditations on or shortly before their IBO renewal date:

  • Customer Acquisition Code (CAC),
  • Vodafone (if you currently sell or wish to sell Vodafone products)
  • Energy (if you currently sell or wish to sell Energy products).

What are the key changes?
Currently, CAC accreditation needs to be renewed on your IBO renewal date whereas Vodafone and Energy accreditation needs to be renewed on the anniversary of when the accreditation was last completed. From 1 July all accreditations will need to be renewed on the same date – your IBO renewal date.

From 1 July we’ll also be revamping the Vodafone accreditation training modules and introducing a short quiz. To successfully complete the accreditation, IBOs will be required to correctly answer 5 out of 5 questions (100% pass mark). IBOs will be able to re-sit the quiz as many times as needed, until they pass.

Why you need to renew your accreditations
It’s important you renew your accreditations so you can confidently and accurately represent our products and services to your customers.

What happens if you don’t renew your accreditations?
If you fail to complete your CAC and Energy accreditation your Direct StoreFront will be blocked.

If you do not complete your Mobile accreditation any customers that sign up via your Direct StoreFront will continue to receive a message that their IBO is not accredited.

Remember – you won’t receive points and commissions, unless you are up to date with your accreditations.
There will be no grace period on this – however, reminders will be sent out to aid you in completing the accreditations on time.