Important Notice on Compliance

//Important Notice on Compliance

Important Notice on Compliance

Here at ACN Pacific, we have noticed a growing number of instances where well-meaning IBOs have used their own personal details, such as a mobile number or email address, for customer applications unrelated to the IBO’s own personal service. 
We want to take this opportunity to reiterate that customer contact information must belong to the customer
Now more than ever, there is intense scrutiny within the highly regulated essential services industry. This means that as an IBO you need to be vigilant to ensure you remain compliant, especially when it comes to energy. 
It is absolutely critical that all IBOs understand and adhere to the following: 
  1. An IBO cannot obtain a customer’s verbal authority to place an order on their behalf. 
    The customer themselves must complete their own energy application. 
    This is a regulatory requirement and is non-negotiable. 
  2. IBOs are not permitted to supply their own personal contact details in customer applications that are not related to the IBO’s own personal service. 
    All contact information supplied must belong to the customer and must be supplied by the customer
Any instance where an IBO is found to have submitted an order on behalf of a customer, or provided their personal contact details instead of the customer’s, will result in termination of their position. 

Let’s look at a case study: 

Amanda, an ACN IBO, has discussed Click Energy with her mother-in-law, Shannon. Shannon agrees to transfer her electricity and gas services to Click Energy but she isn’t proficient in English. Shannon asks Amanda to complete the Click Energy application on her behalf, and to use Amanda’s contact details rather than her own in the application. 
Amanda knows that she cannot process an order on her mother-in-law’s behalf, nor can she enter her own contact details in the application. 

So, what is the right thing to do in this situation?  

Amanda advises her mother-in-law to contact Click Energy’s dedicated ACN hotline on 1300 567 236. Shannon can then utilise Click Energy’s interpreter service and have all the required information communicated in her native language. Additionally, Shannon can provide her Explicit Informed Consent over the phone, ensuring that the sale is compliant. At the same time, Shannon can request to have Amanda added as an authorised contact on her Click Energy account. 
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