There are 1000’s of homes being disconnected from the copper network every month, which means more and more of your customers will need to switch to the NBN.

If any of your customers are in an NBN Ready area that is due to be disconnected from the copper network, they should have already received a communication from ACN and potentially other service providers.  If these customers wish to continue using their Internet services, they will need to move to the NBN by the specified deadline otherwise their services will be permanently disconnected.

As an IBO, this is an opportunity to reach out to your customers and remind them that they need to make the switch. In order to continue using their Internet, they can move to one of our competitive new NBN plans. Click here to view our range.

Don’t forget! You can find out which suburbs are NBN Ready using the rollout map on the ACN Website. Your customers can even complete an availability check on their address to see if they’re eligible to make the switch.

For more details on NBN Rollout and Disconnection Dates please click here.

Have a question? View the NBN FAQs for more details.

We have also added user guides and documentation to the Help & Support section of and the NBN Product page of IBO Back Office. You can also visit the NBNCo website for more information.