nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle

//nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle

nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle

There has never been a better time to connect to the future of Broadband with our new range of generous and affordable nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle Plans.

Why sell the new Bundle Plans?

  • There are 3 great value bundle plans to choose from which means there’s a plan to suit low, medium and high users:
    • Our entry level 50GB plan includes Unlimited^ Local and National calls PLUS $0† International calls to 20 destinations. This plan is ideal for customers wishing to keep in touch with friends and family and for customers with low usage.
    • Our mid-tier 250GB plan includes a larger data allowance and $0† International calls to 40 destinations as well as the Unlimited^ Local and National calls offered in the above plan. This plan is ideal for medium usage customers.
    • Our top tier 500GB plan provides even greater value with a whopping data allowance, Unlimited^ Local and National calls PLUS Unlimited calls to Australian Mobiles . In addition the plan offers $0† International calls to 85 destinations. This plan is ideal for heavy users that don’t want to worry about exceeding their data allowance and who want to regularly keep in touch with friends and family within Australia and overseas
    • All three bundle plans also offer Unlimited^ Local, National and ACN-2-ACN VoIP calls across Australia and 21 other countries with an ACN VoIP Service
  • There are 3 super-fast speeds to choose from: 12/1 Mbps, 25/5 Mbps and 100/40 Mbps.#
  • The agreement term has reduced from 24 months to 12 months making it more attractive to your customers.

What has changed with the new Bundle Plans?

  • The Voice service has changed from Telstra to ACN’s VoIP network. By leveraging our own network, we can pack our plans with big data and call inclusions.
  • The compulsory Home Network Gateway (HNG) modem device has now been replaced with ACN’s D-Link router + Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) (HT701).

    Any existing ACN customer with our D-Link router and/or ATA (HT701) can now utilise their existing equipment over the nbn™. There is no need to purchase more equipment! If your customers choose this BYO option, they must provide ACN with their existing ACN-supplied D-Link or ATA Serial Number(s) so that we can manage the device warranty.

New nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle 50GB, 250GB and 500GB plans are worth 4 customer points! Check the latest ACN Compensation Plan for full details.

Visit acnpacific.com.au/nbn/voice-broadband-bundles for more information.

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^ Acceptable Use Policy applies
 $0 international calls limited to the first 60 minutes
# Speeds achieved may vary


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