Great news! We have made some changes to our billing to make your customers first bill more transparent and easier to understand, removing the need for customers to call customer support.


Moving forward, when a service (or bundle) goes active, we will allocate the account to a bill cycle on the same day.  A customer’s first bill will therefore be the full month in advance, with no pro-rata amount. (Where existing customers are adding new services, the bill cycle day will remain as is.)

To date we have had 11 bill cycle days.  We now have 28 bill cycle days to cover the first 1-28 days of the month. If a customer activates on the 29th or  30th of the month, they will be allocated to bill cycle 28.  This is a benefit to the customer, where their first month’s plan fee will be slightly less than what they signed up to.

If a customer activates on the 31st of the month, they will be allocated to bill cycle 1. In this case, the customer will have a pro-rata amount of 1 day on their bill plus the first full month in advance.

This change will eliminate any confusion surrounding a customers first bill.