Our commitment to customer service

//Our commitment to customer service

Our commitment to customer service

At ACN we are committed to providing outstanding customer service, which is why we are taking steps to ensure your customers’ experience with ACN is second to none, from sign up right through to connection and ongoing support.

After your customers successfully sign up to an ACN service, they will receive detailed and timely communication from ACN to help guide them through the activation process.

We’ve also recently appointed additional senior resources within our Call Centre and will soon be launching a Customer Satisfaction Survey, which will be emailed to customers shortly after their Customer Service experience. Both of these measures have been designed to improve the quality of service your customers receive.

In addition to our self-service website, MyAccount, we’ll also be proactively communicating with your customers to help protect them from excess mobile usage charges by sending more detailed and real-time SMS alerts.

We understand the importance of good customer service and what it means for your business, which is why we are so committed to being the best we can be.

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