Update: Broadband Improvement Process

//Update: Broadband Improvement Process

Update: Broadband Improvement Process

Great news! ACN has improved the communication process to your customers regarding technician appointments.

ACN is now receiving hourly fault updates from both Telstra and Optus which is a significant improvement on the previous two per day. As a result, we have developed a process to automatically notify your customers via email and SMS when a technician appointment is made or changed. Unfortunately, changes to technician appointments are outside of ACN’s control and can be caused by factors including:

  • A mass service disruption to the carrier’s network.
  • Adverse weather conditions making it unsafe for a technician to connect the service.
  • Additional work (including remediation) required to connect the service.
  • The customer (or their representative) not being present on the original appointment date

With ACN’s new process, your customers will receive notification of these appointment changes in a more timely manner to minimise any inconvenience.

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