ACN has recently received feedback from our energy partners, Click Energy and EnergyAustralia, regarding IBOs contacting them directly to obtain information for customer accounts, or to modify a customer’s account details.

Here are the situations when you as an IBO may contact EnergyAustralia or Click Energy:

  • To enquire about your own (personal) energy account
  • If you are established by the customer as an authorised contact on the customer’s account.

You cannot and must not contact either EnergyAustralia or Click Energy in the following situations:

  • To discuss plans and details on another customer’s account
  • To perform changes to another customer’s account.

If you contact either of our energy partners to discuss another customer’s account, the agent fielding your call will be unable to assist you for privacy and regulatory reasons. This is a standard business operating protocol.

If you wish to obtain general information about our energy partners, please refer to, or consult the energy training documents available in your IBO Back Office. Additionally, you can access information on both Click Energy and EnergyAustralia via ACN Pacific’s “Pacific Compass” portal.