When we initially announced ACN’s partnership with Vodafone, we advised that we would switch off the ACN Mobile and Mobile Broadband service (using the Optus network) at some point – this will now take place on 31 March, 2017.

We know these customers are important to you and we’ve launched a high impact customer campaign to get them to switch to avoid interruption to their service. The campaign includes letters, emails and SMS communications which will notify customers their service will be switched off on 31 March. Depending on whether or not the customer is in a Vodafone coverage area, we have recommended 1 of 2 courses of action:

1. Customers within a Vodafone coverage area are being encouraged to switch to a Vodafone plan via ACN. An ACN exclusive migration offer of 1 month FREE access fee will be provided to customers that sign up to plans of $30 or above on a 12 or 24 month contract. We are also waiving any outstanding Equipment Payment Plan fees if they sign up to a Vodafone 12 or 24 month plan. To receive the special offers & support these customers in selecting the most appropriate plan, a dedicated migration phone line 1300 653 820 has been set up which is supported by a Vodafone sales team. For these customers IBOs will be compensated as per AU Compensation Plan.

2. Customers outside of a Vodafone coverage area are being encouraged to switch to Yomojo Mobile – a mobile service provider on the Optus network with competitive plans. If these customers switch to Yomojo mobile using the web links provided to them, IBOs will continue to receive the same customer points and commissions as the ACN Mobile service until 31 March 2018.

As a part of this campaign, if you are an active IBO and have ACN Mobile or Mobile Broadband customers, we have emailed you with a summary of your personal ACN Mobile customers so you know who you need to contact. To help you understand the impact of the ACN Mobile switch off for you and your customers we’ve put together some FAQs plus we’ve developed some tools to help you contact your customers about the switch off.

So make sure you protect your points and residual income and help your customers switch to the recommended service provider.